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We realize that enjoying the finer things in life are important to you and your family. Because of this importance we will employ our knowledge to help you restore, rebuild and raise your credit score to insure that you are creditworthy again.

A full-service, strategy-driven Credit Renovation Service employing a 360 approach to credit building and rebuilding.  We believe that you are entitled to the finer things in life that financial blemishes on your credit report was keeping from obtaining them.

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"My career in very challenging alone, I also have a small child and a recent newlywed. So, taking care of my credit and understanding how it works was not at the top of my to-do-list. Imani took me by the hand and educated me about credit and now we are getting things in order. I highly recommend her, her expertise is nothing short of extraordinary."
Krystal R - Credit Repair Reviews
Krystal R
"I heard from other’s that Imani was the plug when repairing credit. So, I reached out to her to see if she could help fix mine. I was surprised that she took me on as a client because she does not take everyone. I was impressed I saw a increase in scores in the first 45 day. She is the plug frfr. ".
Tot -Credit Repair Reviews
Teyanna S.
"I had worked with other so-called credit repair companies in the past. Those other companies only looked at my file and not me as a person. Imani took a vested interest in helping me improve my credit situation. She was very hands on the personable and I really enjoyed that, she made me want to do better. !"
shuntae - Credit Repair Reviews
Shuntaé L.

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